SKINDIGENOUS is a new television series airing on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (Canada). The premiere episode focuses on Kalinga tattoo artist Whang-Od and airs February 20. The series will feature thirteen half-hour documentaries on the art of tattooing as practiced by Indigenous peoples around the world. Each episode will explore the ancient tattooing tradition of one Indigenous culture. The art of the tattoo will become the lens through which we discover this people’s unique perspective on the world. 

“For millennia, humans have been marking their bodies with images and symbols giving visible form to what they hold sacred. The oldest evidence of tattooing goes back to the Neolithic era, more than five thousand years ago. Today, indigenous artists around the world continue to practice this ancient art using their own techniques and traditions. For these artists, and for those who call on their services, tattooing has much more than aesthetic value. It is an essential part of their cultural identity, as well as a vehicle for connecting with nature, the ancestors, and the spiritual world…”


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