On May 6, the new exhibition SKIN: TOTEM AND TATTOO opens at the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia. This curatorial and anthropological exploration of the boundary between self, world and society, will be on display through June 23, 2014 and features 21 of my large-format photographs of religious tattooing drawn from various Indigenous societies (Iban, Kayan, Kalinga, Lahanan, Kenyah, Mentawai, Naga, Kaningara, Bétamarribé, and Motu); Stelarc’s Ear on Arm (video, 2007), in which a cell-cultivated ear is surgically implanted on the artist’s arm; ORLAN’s Successful Operation (video, 1991), where the artist undergoes her fourth surgery-performance; and Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book (film, 1996), which explores Asian iconography about writing on the body.

Please join us at Slought on Tuesday May 6, 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm for the opening of SKIN: TOTEM AND TATTOO, an exhibition that explores this fascinating history of self transformation and conceptualization. It features two sections, “Shamanic Skin” and “Performing Skin,” that juxtapose contemporary skin practices from both an anthropological and artistic perspective. Anthropologist Lars Krutak will deliver a public seminar on the art of religious tattooing beginning at 7pm, with an introduction by Curator Osvaldo Romberg.

Lars will also have several of his books available for purchase and signing after the opening lecture.

For more information and directions, please visit Slought!