Mohave Tattooing and Face-Painting (1947) by Edith S. Taylor and William J. Wallace


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  • Article is 13 pages (pp. 183-195) 
  • RARE, OUT OF PRINT! Highly Collectible
  • original stapled bound pamphlet
  • fully referenced with Bibliography; issue is indexed
  • 8 illustrations
  • ISBN N/A
  • Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, 1947
  • SUBJECT LISTING: Anthropology; Indigenous Studies; Tattoo; Body-Painting; Visual Studies
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Mohave Tattooing and Face-Painting is a rare out-of-print illustrated pamphlet covering in detail the tattooing and face-painting practices of the Indigenous Mohave/Mojave people of the Southwest USA. This is the original 1st edition published in November 1947 in the Southwest Museum’s journal “The Masterkey” (Vol. XXI, No. 6). Contains other articles including: “Frederick Russell Burnham,” “Crow Campaign Ribbon” (p. 196), “Missouri Mysteries” (p. 199-201), list of library accessions (p. 202-203

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*Condition: Very Good++. Solid and firm copy. Pages are clean and unmarked with the exception of the cover (see pic) that contains pencil marks (i.e., “19-7123 TAYLOR”) at top and very small >1/4 tear next to “19-7123.” Interior near fine in excellent condition, no marks or tears, and printed on semi-glossy paper. Looks close to new.