As the Curator for Nevada’s new tattoo museum at POP VEGAS, we are pleased to bring you TATTOO’D AMERICA: My Tattoo, My Story opening April 20, 2019 through July 20, 2019 on The Linq Promenade. This exhibition will tour the USA after its Vegas stop, and is part “funhouse,” with tattoo-themed rooms featuring dazzling visual displays and interactive activities, and part “exploration,” where global fascination with tattoo as an art form and lifestyle is examined and celebrated. TAPM will showcase 500 works of art by 100 of the globe’s best tattoo artists. Experiences will include a live tattoo demonstration studio, where both local and visiting tattoo artists will headline. 

TATTOO’D AMERICA spans cultures, continents, artistic styles, and technology. Las Vegas is the perfect place to stage this especially immersive, sexy and entertaining celebration of the art of tattooing, since Las Vegas is home to the second highest per capita number of tattoo artists in America. Not to mention, getting a tattoo in Las Vegas is a surprisingly popular activity for a substantial number of the city’s 40 million annual visitors.

At TATTOO’D AMERICA you will learn about both ancient and modern tattoo practices and techniques and you’ll explore the human form and sheer artistic genius that are connected to this ancient art form of the skin. While immersed in the visually captivating and purposely Instagrammable environment,  visitors can celebrate and share their passion or curiosity for this extraordinarily popular form of self-expression through numerous interactive features throughout the various galleries.