AMAZING TIMES in Russia for the opening of TATTOO / TATY @pushkinmuseum. The second gallery features my wall-sized portrait of Konyak warrior Lanang of Longwa village, Nagaland, and my (2020) video installation Marks of Humanity, featuring 80 portraits of tattoo bearers I have met since 2002.  

I am also posting here a brief AP video clip from an interview I had during opening festivities…

As well as the trailer for my Tattoo Traditions of the Arctic lecture at Dmitry Babakhin‘s Mata Hoata Tattoo Gallery in Saint Petersburg!

Finally, I spent a few hours with Radio Cultura Moscow speaking about tattoo history over (10) brief segments which will air March 23-27.

A gallery of images follows below:

Awesome memories and looking forward to my next visit to The Motherland!