Just completed filming with the Konyak Naga of NE India for the first episode of! Incredible people, stories, and scenes with the last generation of tiger-spirit tattoo bearers (only 3 remaining in the world) and tattooed naomei (great warriors). Series premiere will take place in 2020 and updates forthcoming!

Photo: Seated are tiger-spirit tattoo bearer and centenarian Chen-o and his wife the Anghya (princess) Pongkhao of Chen Wetnyu, and my dear friend and author Phejin Konyak.

Big thanks to the tattoo community for your crowdfunding support of this amazing project which preserves ancient wisdom, cultural knowledge and heritage for future generations. Tattoo is what makes us human and we made this together!

Photo: With 103+ year old Konyak naomei (great warrior) Ashen. Was great to see him again since we first met in 2018. He is the last major warrior of his village and first went to war at the age of 14. He took four heads over his career and earned the arm tattoos for extraordinary feats on the battlefield.

XOXO! One love