Please take a moment to have an in-depth look at this amazing documentary project on the Mentawai people of Siberut Island, Indonesia, by filmmaker Rob Henry. With more people behind him, the quicker he can complete and share this inspirational and intriguing story!

Bui Mareureu Baap / As Worlds Divide
explores the intricacies and richness of tribal Mentawai culture, which despite having flourished amidst a remote jungle environment for several thousand years is now on the precipice of extinction.

Through contrasting experiences with both traditional and modern lifestyles on the island of Siberut, filmmaker Rob Henry provides a rare glimpse into the day-to-day life of the few remaining Mentawai communities and tribes-people, including the sikerei or shamans who are the custodians of ancient tradition and religion.

The film, together with a community cultural and environmental education program and not-for-profit organization, are currently in the latter stages of development.