Coming to you in Fall 2017/Spring 2018 from the University of Washington Press…our new book “Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing.” Scroll below to find the 30% promo code for pre-orders!

Many thanks to my co-editor, all the authors, and other contributors – especially tattoo artists, illustrators, tattoo bearers, other peeps – interviewed/featured in the book, including Julia Mage’au Gray (Mekeo), Nata Richards (Hula), Ranu James (Motu), Elle Mana-Festin and Mark of the Four Waves, Tea Mihaljevic, Sasha AleksandarZele Tetoviranje, Dave Mazierski, Marjorie Tahbone (Inupiaq/Kiowa), Moriah Sallaffie (Yup’ik), Qaiyaan Harcharek (Inupiaq), Dion Kaszas (‘Nlaka’pamux), Michael Galban (Washoe/Mono Lake Paiute), Carla Wells Listener (Cree), Ryan Mallari, Whang-Od (Kalinga), Coastal Papua New Guinea elders, St. Lawrence Island Yupik elders, Charles Hamm and Peter van der Helm, among others…


1. New Tattoos from Ancient Egypt: Defining Marks of Culture
Renée Friedman

2. Burik: Tattoos of the Ibaloy Mummies of Benguet, North Luzon, Philippines
Analyn Salvador-Amores

3. Reviving Tribal Tattoos of the Philippines
Lars Krutak

4. The Mummification Process Among the ‘Fire Mummies’ of Kabayan: A Paleohistological Note
Dario Piombino-Mascali, Ronald G. Beckett, Orlando V. Abinion, and Dong Hoon Shin

5. Identifications of Iron Age Tattoos from The Altai-Sayan Mountains In Russia
Svetlana Pankova

6. Neo-Pazyryk Tattoos: A Modern Revival
Colin Dale and Lars Krutak

7. Recovering the Nineteenth-Century European Tattoo: Collections, Contexts, and Techniques
Gemma Angel

8. After You Die: Preserving Tattooed Skin
Aaron Deter-Wolf and Lars Krutak

9. The Antiquity of Tattooing in Southeast Europe
Petar N. Zidarov

10. Balkan Ink: Europe’s Oldest Living Tattoo Tradition
Lars Krutak

11. Archaeological Evidence for Tattooing in Polynesia and Micronesia
Louise Furey

12. Reading Between Our Lines: Tattooing in Papua New Guinea
Lars Krutak

13. Scratching the Surface: Mistaken Identifications of Tattoo Tools from Eastern North America
Aaron Deter-Wolf, Benoît Robitaille, and Isaac Walters

14. Native North American Tattoo Revival
Lars Krutak

15. The Discovery of a Sarmatian Tattoo Toolkit in Russia
Leonid Yablonsky

16. Further Evaluation of Tattooing Use-Wear on Bone Tools
Aaron Deter-Wolf and Tara Nicole Clark

17. What to Make of the Prehistory of Tattooing in Europe?
Luc Renaut

18. Sacrificing the Sacred: Tattooed Prehistoric Ivory Figures of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
Lars Krutak

19. A Long Sleep: Reawakening Tattoo Traditions in Alaska
Lars Krutak

I think you will enjoy it as much as we do!!


Egyptian faience figurine with decoration possibly representing tattoos from the Middle Kingdom, 2050 BCE – 1800 BCE. Photograph by Renée Friedman. British Museum, London (EA 52863)

Cheers, God Bless, and Happy Reading!!