On July 11, the 1st group Tattoo Exhibition in the HISTORY of Israel will be held at Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. My friend Tattooist/Curator Yasmine Bergner has brought us together for this special event…with perhaps an even larger Museum exhibition in November (details TBA). Here is the Curator’s statement (see official English announcement above):

“Since ancient times, the tattooed body has been the primary vessel for self-definition & adornment. ‘Inscription’ allows us to immortalize memories, to illuminate hidden layers & to identify with ideologies through ‘bodily ownership of the symbol’.

Tattooing is an action of (ex)change, fixation & transformation. A symbol of the eternal within a transient reality. A ‘secret’ revealed, embodied into the skin and out into the light.

The body is the medium by which we communicate with the ‘Other’ and create discourses of ‘Social Networks’. Tattoo art is inherently connected to Shamanic traditions of passage-rites in tribal cultures.

Today, tattoo Art is being embraced by Contemporary culture, which is acknowledging its uniqueness & multi-cultural significance. Tattoos are establishing a new status as an independent Art form, after hundreds of years of artificial degradation.

This exhibition focuses on the ‘Ancestral’ aspect of Tattoo Art, as it arises in both concrete & metaphorical ways. The participating Artists, Tattooers & Researchers use tattoo as a means of relating to an ancestral heritage that lives within us, influences us and is constantly being re-defined through contemporary life.”

Participating artists: prof. Lars Krutak, Max Harris, Ajarn Matthieu, prof. Haim Maor, Jud Burmad, Amalia Sand, Rani Pardes, Ester Cohen-Sakin, Dafna Shapira-Hasson, Shunit Gal, Nimrod Reuveni, Arik Weiss, Galia Pasternak, Eyal Fried, Ron Amir, Shimon Pinto, Oum Cultuv, Yulia Frydin, Malkiella Page, Lilach Madar, Yasmine Bergner.

Binyamin Gallery, 28 Chlenov st. Tel- Aviv, Israel
Opening: 11/7 20:00
Performance “bone marrow” (debut) by Dafna Shapira-Hasson & Shunit Gal at 20:30