Waima body tattoos of Taitá Koroka, Hisiu village, Papua New Guinea, 2012. Her marks, including those on the scalp, were hand-tapped with a lemon thorn by a female tattooist. Photograph © Lars Krutak

August 5, 2015

FOR SEVERAL YEARS on my Facebook pages, I have been posting one photo a day (with some accompanying text) from my travels around the tribal tattoo world or I have uploaded an historic image from a museum archive or obscure publication. These posts are to promote awareness of tattooing cultures worldwide, to identify the peoples and individuals who continue to carry these ancient traditions into the future, and to encourage the reclamation and revival of tattoo practices because Indigenous tattooing customs are rapidly vanishing around the world today.

I will continue these posts via my website through a new feature called ‘Tribal Tattoo Today’ linked to Facebook. If anything else, my goal is to help preserve the history of Indigenous tattooing one permanent mark at a time. I hope you enjoy it!