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April 1, 2017


A living heritage passing away…

The Konyak tribe, once notorious for their headhunting and famous for their facial tattoos, live in the remote North East India and the northwestern tip of Myanmar. The prominent and iconic “specs” facial tattoo of the Konyak men is a depiction of this unique cultural practice that distinguish the Konyaks to the rest of the world. Various other tattoo design patterns on the bodies of both men and women are a direct visual representation of this unique traditional practice. Unfortunately, the living proof today, of this once thriving and unique tattooing culture, is fading by the year.

The book “The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters; The Konyaks”…

…is documenting this unique tattooing culture in depth. The fundamentals of the Konyak culture and the tattoos on face and body form an union, they are inseparable. The aim is to keep this culture alive for all, international and locally, by making three books: for the world, the local community and their children. Stories, photos, songs and illustrations will capture this beautiful and unique culture in different ways.

This book is unique…

…because it will reflect and document the tribe from within. Phejin Konyak is retracing the steps of her famous great grandfather and Konyak warrior Ahon and documented her own unique culture. It describes the culture in depth but is also a personal story full of melancholic emotions and ambiguous feelings as well.